Board Members

The board is elected at the general annual meeting for one year. The board 2020-2021 consists of

Irene Elise Hamborg


I am the elected chairwoman of the board, and am responsible for 10% of the operations together with the deputy chair. This is my second term as chairwoman at the Norwegian Peace Association. I have much experience from different advocacy and developmental aid groups. This has allowed me to live in Mexico, Argentina and Peru for several years,  where I have – amongst others – worked with migrants and childrens' rights. My academic background is an MA in Spanish language as well as Latin America Studies, with a focus on democracy assistance, human rights, and social movements. I am particularly preoccupied with peace politics, focusing on sustainable security for people and their livelihood. I am specifically interested in policy work to change processes, and information work to disseminate knowledge about the given information in order to come up with solutions. This has included work to ban nuclear weapons, stopping the development of autonomous weapons, as well as Norwegian weapons exports. I wish for a strengthened civil society, care deeply about democratic citizenship, feminism, and of course inclusion and diversity.

Pål Trautmann Olerud

Deputy Chairman

I have decided to stand for another election at the Norwegian Peace Association, because I have faith in the plans we have put together previously. After a year with much organisational work, I am looking forward to implement our forward-looking peace work and to make the Norwegian Peace Association better known to the world. I have an MA in Democracy Assistance with a specialisation in political participation. The past years, I have worked in the organisation Norwegian Rural Youth, and am Secretary General of Youth against the EU. I am preoccupied with peace poltics and think that peace is best built in a society where the citizens have a realistic chance to influence their daily lives and political decisionmaking processes.

Tim-D. Liebenhoff

Communications Manager

With a BA in Politics and International Relations, as well as an MA in Peace Studies and Development Management, I feel prepared to tackle the big issues in this world. I am very grateful that I can be part of the Norwegian Peace Associations board. It is inspiring to work with so many different and motivated colleagues. Having been afforded the opportunity to initiate the research group ’Peace and the Environment’, I am looking forward to push politics, organisations, and society to a more holistic view of the problems we are currently facing. It is important to research the connections between peace, environmental degradation, the economic and political system, as well as creating solutions for the future. My professional background is in TV and Radio (Deutsche Welle). I have also been very active as a fundraiser and assistant volunteer coordinator at Greenpeace Norway, focussing on empowerment, digital activism and public speaking.

Lene Grimstad

Network Manager

I have got a BA in Peace- and Conflict-studies, as well as an MA in Society, Science and Technology in Europe. I have followed countries’ work concerning ’Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems’(LAWS) at the UN Weapons Convention since 2014, and have partaken on behalf of the Norwegian Peace Association since 2017. I have been part of the conception of the research group concerning autonomous weapons in 2018, and have led the group from the start. The group is small, but has seen much activity. The Norwegian Peace Association is a traditional peace movement and Norways’ oldest. This is, in my opinion, a great platform to raise the issue from. Contact me if you would like to be part of the research group on autonomous weapons.


I have been a member of the Norwegian Peace Association since 2017, led the research group on autonomous weapons since 2018, and have been a member of the board since 2018.

Inga Steen

Membership Manager

I have a BA in Development Studies, as well as an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies. I have previously worked for two years as a member-care manager for Nature and Youth, as well as – amongst others –  a fundraiser for Doctors without Borders. I am very preoccupied with how global development is affecting the climate, and how this affects peace processes. To me, peace is first and foremost about how we take care of each other, our livelihood, the planet, and how we work together for a more peaceful world. It means a lot to me to be a part of the board of the Norwegian Peace Association, and to help with my experience from working with member-care, something that is very important to the survival of advocacy groups. It is my goal to see the Norwegian Peace Association grow, and I am looking forward  working towards that goal.

Emina Briga

Deputy Board Member

As a former refugee, with an MA in Peace Studies, I am very engaged with inclusive peace work. It is therefore, that I am very happy to be a part of Norway’s oldest peace organisation. To be able to be a part of national, as well as international, peace work, allows me to contribute with my experience, as well as further my competence in this field. The possibility to be part of an active board at the Norwegian Peace Association is educational, as this is the place where new ideas and projects are initiated.


I have previously worked with NAV and Norwegian People’s Aid, and have exprience from LIM (Equality, Inclusion and Diversity). Here, I have been a coordinator for a bilateral EES project, with a portuguese organisation, working in inclusion and leadership-training of disadvantaged youth. I have also been part of holding HIPP-method workshops within the Norwegian Peace Association.

Marie Espeland


We have witnessed a dramatic regression of democracy around the world in the past years, something which seemed unthinkable whilst I was studying comparative politics. As a result, I have felt a strong urge to be more involved in peace work. The statistics are saying that democratic countries do not go to war with each other. And as a teacher, I already have a mandate to work with these issues: In the executive curriculum it says that ’The school should promote democratic values and attitudes as a counterbalance to prejudice and discrimination. The school should also respect that people are different, and students should learn to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner’. I hope that my contribution to the Norwegian Peace Association can do something to better the situation our world currently is in.


I have an MA in Spanish language and Latin America Studies, a one-year study in comparative politics, as well as Italian at the University of Bergen. I have a practical pedagogical education from the University of Oslo and work as a lecturer for spanish and social studies at a secondary school in Asker. I also give courses in international cooperation. I am originally from Ålesund, but have lived in Spain.

Tommy Vad Flaaten

Editor Fredsviljen

I am a music- and filminterested animator with a heart for peace culture, love for the environment, and labour rights. Food waste and a bad dialogue make me feel unwell, whilst worryfully humming 70s protest music and animated documentaries make me happy. It was the Quakers religious Society of Friends which introduced me to the peace movement, and now I am sitting in the board of directors of No to Atomic Weapons Oslo, and am active in the nighttrain-lobby, spiritual dialogue and animation events. After having studied in London – and having directed a silly Disney series with my twin brother -, I am now trying to use sound and picture to bring happiness, information and motivation to people, in order to make the world a better place. I might use my free time to create a poster for Extinction Rebellion, or write a birthday song for one of my friends. At the Norwegian Peace Association, I have taken on the responsibility as editor of our yearly magazine ’Fredsviljen’, and am looking forward to portraying something as fantastic as thoughts of peace graphically, tidy, and colourful. (My biggest christmas wish is a fotorealistic globe!)

Ottar Lystad

Deputy Board Member

I have a relatively broad political field of interest. Especially issues concerning war, peace and international politics. I am looking with fear at the coming generations’ escalating belief in official narratives and trust in authorities. A failure to curb current ’war politics’ contribute to a dangerous assertiveness of official bodies, where they feel exempt from the consequences of their own actions. How can we accept a narrative of humanitarian bombs and warfare, and support sanctions which take many more lives than conventional warfare? How could Norway go from being a (prepared) peaceful nation, to be a part of wars – far away form its borders? Such a development should worry all of us – but not least those that are in control.

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