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Events 2020

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The event is hosted by the Norwegian Peace Association (Norges Fredslag) and No to Nuclear Weapons Norway (Nei til Atomvåpen). 

This webinar will explore nuclear weapons from a broader perspective. Beyond its potential use in war, the whole nuclear weapons infrastructure can be seen as destructive and a massive source of insecurity for humans and nature. The Trump administration is reported to be considering explosive testing of nuclear weapons, 75 years since the US first tested a nuclear weapon. Nuclear testing clearly isn't a thing of the past. Still, people and the environment are suffering the consequences of the cruel experiments they were subjected to. 

The Anthropocene era is often said to have begun around 1950, when nuclear weapons testing spread radioactive material around the globe, demonstrating the pervasiveness of human impact on the earth and its future development. Since then, the nuclear weapon states have executed more than 2000 nuclear weapons tests with immense consequences for humans and the environment. 

We have invited three speakers to discuss the impact nuclear testing has had on people and the environment, and what risks nuclear weapons pose to the future of our global security. 

Benetick Maddison is a climate and nuclear issues specialist with the Marshallese Educational Initiative (MEI). He will talk about the history of the nuclear testing program in the Marshall Islands and the impact it has on the health of people and environment. 

Rens van Munster is a senior researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS). He is the director of the research program ‘Radioactive Ruins: Security in the Age of the Anthropocene’, which explores the multiple and often surprising links between the Cold War, nuclear weapons and the age of the Anthropocene, with a specific focus on US nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands.  (

Lilly Adams is a consultant specializing in nuclear weapons outreach and policy issues. She currently works as an outreach consultant with the Union of Concerned Scientists in their Global Security Program. She is a 2019 alumna of IGCC’s Public Policy and Nuclear Threats Boot Camp, and previously ran the anti-nuclear weapons program at Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility. She has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley in Society and Environment. (Source:

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