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The Norwegian Peace Association Kongsberg was founded in January 2017 and has been active on a regular basis since. We formed after a local debate about arms production in the city. There has always been a silence around the fact that we produce weapons and that many get rich from it,  we want to break that silence.

We have arranged a lot of different events, both on our own but also participated in campaigns from the Norwegian Peace Association and other peace organisations. We have organised several debates and have a good collaboration with Kongsberg Library, which is a great place for public debate. We have written many reader posts during these years so as to keep the debate up in the local newspaper.

We chose to be part of the Norwegian Peace Association because everyone could become a member, young and old, woman and man. We have had one board  since its inception and are very enthusiastic, but we are working to get more members. Despite not being many, we have achieved a lot. We are committed to promoting peace culture, debating arms production and Norwegian participation in foreign interventions and general public education.


Last fall we arranged a peace concert in Kongsberg church, it was a very nice event and everyone involved was happy. We hoped to make this a tradition, but this years concert is uncertain due to the corona-epidemic.

We hope to have an even greater cooperation with more peace and cultural players in the years ahead.


To contact us go to our facebook page and send us a message. Feel free to follow us as well! 

kongsberg fredskonsert.jpg

Fredskonsert 2019 i Kongsberg Kirke

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