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Fred og Miljø

Peace and the Environment


This research group aims to research the connections between environmental developments and its effects on global peaceful practices.


Many non-governmental organisations worldwide have started taking a more holistic approach concerning the challenges we face in the coming years. It is undeniable, that an ever changing environment presents us with a host of challenges: desertification, lack of fresh water, rising sea levels, refugee crises and potential conflicts over natural resources. These topics do not only need to be evaluated from an ecological and security point of view, but the challenges for international peace movements need to be identified and tackled.

Launched at an event in March 2020 with Nei til Atomvåpen, Greenpeace and Internasjonale Kvinneliga for Fred, with the topic being ’Nuclear Weapons in the age of the Anthropocene: effects on human rights and the environment’, the main competence thus far lies in the traditional intersection of peace and environmental movements: nuclear testing, nuclear weapons and their effects.


Over the coming months, the competence will be expanded into researching the underlying connections of bad business practices, irresponsible government policies and their effects on the livelihood of the most challenged in our world:

  • What are the connections between conflict and the battle for resources?

  • How can we aid countries in the global south to transition through these times peacefully?

  • How can the switch to cleaner, sustainable, energies be considered as peaceful?


With Norway being the seventh largest exporter of CO2 in the world, there will be a special focus on advising political parties and the government on realignment of its energy policy.


Do you have an opinion on this topic? Would you like to become active in this research group? Contact Tim-D. Liebenhoff via

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